How did it all start

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The vision of Little Eagles originated from verse 7 in Psalm 36 where the writer says:

How precious is Your steadfast love, oh God! The children of men take refuge and put their trust under the shadows of Your wings.” 


As a result of this, Little Eagles was started as a Playschool with 4 little children in a double garage on the property of the Summerstrand Community Church at the end of 2005. After 11 years, this school has grown to the biggest Pre-school in Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth, now catering for Babies (4mths old) up to Grade R children.

Through this school we strive to create and provide a loving and secure environment for children, where they can not only play, but also be stimulated and be prepared for Primary school and “life”. We are an independent Christian school, striving to take the responsibility of educating young children to a level of EXCELLENCE, being remindful of the work that God has set out for us to do here in Summerstrand (Deut 4:9 : “Remember the things you have seen and tell them to the children!”)

We currently have 12 classes and our enrolment stands at 175 children, with a staff complement of 27 adult ladies. Our school caters for those who are comfortable with our Christian/Biblical teaching and who wish to provide their child with excellent pre-school stimulation.  

We have a unique advantage at Little Eagles – each class has a dedicated team of a teacher and an assistant, which is unheard of amongst pre-schools, due to the high cost factor. Our teacher-child ratio is small, with the baby class being 12 little ones to 3 staff members, gradually increasing to 24 pupils in Gr R. It is indeed a privilege to work with ladies whom one can call your FRIENDS.

We have many exciting activities on our calendar, e.g. Class braais at the start of the year (to get to know the parents in each class), special surprises around Mothers- & Fathers Day, celebrating Ascension Day with a special church service attended by parents, a Family Walk, a Sports Day (all the children participate), our Award Ceremony (normally with an adult support of more than 350 people!). Many other fun events are part of the curriculum which is presented to the children, e.g. eating and preparing boerewors rolls when we teach them about the cultures in our own country, dress-up days, outings, visitors to our school, etc.

We also have very special families who make up this great school – without parents who are involved, donate and share their wealth, care for their children and the school, as well as pray with and for us, Little Eagles would not be the school that God has intended it to be. We are privileged to be trusted with the education of each and every little person!

May God continue to give us the strength, wisdom and courage to do this with EXCELLENCE.